Writing a urban fantasy novel

What are my readers already speculating about. If that sounds like too many balls to keep in the air, cut down on the magic. Are vampires souped up bats using magic to disguise themselves as human.

The Jaz Parks seriesby Jennifer Rardinfollows the titular CIA operative and her vampire boss as they combat supernatural threats to national security. The concept of peaceful coexistence with paranormal beings is explored in the series Kindred: You can have magic come from multiple sources, but remember you have to stick to the rules you set down for each type.

However, the main differences are this: Write dialogue that is straightforward and in-your-face -- the language of ghettos and brothels, street corners, front porch steps, parking lots, drug labs and prisons. Media tie-ins[ edit ] Use of other forms of media has become a common part of the creation and promotion of urban-fantasy works.

Also, consider the historical era. Someone can bring a person back to life by taking his or her place in the underworld. The Night Stalker is an early example of the genre.

All of the above. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was originally based upon the idea that High School is hellish, by filling Sunnydale High with real demons that themselves often represented fears such as peer pressure and relationships.

American Gods is urban fantasy. Let's dive into five easy tips for writing incredible urban fantasy. Is there a need for secrecy that keeps your superhero from simply taking over the world for its own good. Not only will it appeal to your audience, but you'll also experience the many other benefits of writing a fantasy seriesfrom increased sales potential to a clearly established brand and identity as an urban fantasy author.

His insight has been truly invaluable. This so-called magical sword has turned out to be a piece of junk. Rampant, by Diana Peterfreundfollows a group of young women at a cloisters as they train to fight killer unicorns.

What is the tone of the series?.

6 Questions Writers Must Answer When Writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

The following is an incomplete list of notable authors of urban fantasy. According to statistics by the fantasy publisher Tor Books, among writers of urban fantasy or paranormal romance, 57% are women and 43% are men, whereas men outnumber women by.

Paul Cornell, who recently had a rather splendid urban fantasy novel called “London Falling” published, described urban fantasy as “Horror in which the characters will probably survive.” I like the thinking here; a lot of urban fantasy features monsters and the horrific to varying degrees.

Urban fantasy

Week two will look at the importance of setting in an Urban Fantasy novel and discuss various series in which the setting is as important as the main character.

Techniques for creating a believable world/setting will be covered in detail. Urban fiction or “street lit” is a popular genre -- usually self-published -- that deals with the harshest social-economic realities of inner city life: poverty, crime, gaudy sex, fast romance, graphic violence, verbal abuse and domestic violence.

Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy in which the narrative has an urban setting. [1] [2] Works of urban fantasy are set primarily in the real world and contain aspects of fantasy, such as the discovery of earthbound mythological creatures, coexistence or conflict between humans and paranormal beings, and other changes to city life.

6 Questions Writers Must Answer When Writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal By: Guest Column | April 25, From The X-Files to The Dresden Files, popular culture is full of stories that mix science fiction and fantasy with the everyday.

Writing a urban fantasy novel
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